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Insurance Plans

Insurance Policy

Your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance.  


​​Your acceptance of insurance is your agreement to share in the cost of healthcare among everyone with your insurance.


We contract with your insurance to accept their payment  plus your out-of-pocket expenses: co-pay, deductibles, co-insurance. 


To minimize cost to you, please contact your primary insurance and secondary insurance, if any, to ensure Philadelphia Health Associates-Adult Medicine and/or one of our providers, is listed as your primary care provider.  We cannot provide service if this is not done. This is verified before each visit. 



  Your co payment is your financial obligation that must be paid at time of service. We are contractually obligated by your insurance to collect the co-pay. It cannot be waived.

Deductibles and Co-Insurance

We will bill you for any out-of-pocket expenses that is determined by your insurance. This is determined after we send a bill to your insurance for payment.  This is on your EOB (Explanation of Benefit).

Collections:  We ask that you pay balance due within 30 days of receiving the bill. Failure to pay may result in referral to collection agency and/or termination from the practice for gross delinquency.

Forms of Payment:  We accept credit cards, cash, money orders, or checks. 

Past Due Balances:  We request that all balances are paid in full at time of visit. For an independent medical practice, it is critical to collect past due bills to support operations of the practice.

Uninsured: Payment is due at time of visit.

Additional Fees: There is an additional fee for certain forms:  Examples are: FMLA, Learner's Permit, Job Physical Form, School Physical Form, Parking Placard, Disability Form, Utility Forms. 

Insurances, Co-Pays, and Deductibles

Accepted Health Plans

Insurance Plans

We accept nearly all major insurance plans including but not limited to:




Aetna Medicare


APWU Health Plan

Cigna Health Spring


Gateway Health Medicare (We do not accept Medicaid)

Health Partners Seniors

Health Partners Medicaid


Keystone Health Plan East

Keystone 65

Keystone First

Liberty Mutual


Pennsylvania Health and Wellness

United Healthcare Medicare

United Healthcare Community Plan

UPMC Health Plan


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