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Medical Services

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Yearly Physical

It is important for every adult to get yearly preventative physicals. During  this visit we discuss age and sex appropriate recommended vaccinations, health screenings and healthy lifestyle practices. Prevention is a major tool we have to stay on the path of wellness.

Driver's Permit

Looking to get that driver's license? Call us to get that learner's permit examination

Medical Marijuana Certification

Medical Marijuana is very effective in treating a variety of condition such as chronic pain, glaucoma and anxiety. In many states, including Pennsylvania, medical marijuana can be prescribed to treat specific conditions failed to respond to traditional medical treatment. Insurance does not cover this examination. 

Chronic Medical Illnesses

With our years of experience, we are your medical home to help you manage your chronic medical conditions. We utilized a variety of specialist, when necessary, to be part of your care team to help you maintain control of your medical conditions to reduce risk of complications. Our goal is to help you maintain your health. 

Additional Services


Joint injections
Suture Removals

Acute illness

We have SAME DAY or 2-4 DAY URGENT appointments to address acute medical conditions. We can see you in a telemedicine visit or in-person visit, if needed. 

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